вторник, 7 апреля 2015 г.

New doll in progress

Hi there! ))

Today we share our new work in progress.
The doll will be added to our site later this year, now it's almost ready model to be casted in urethane ))
Her height is going to be about 22cm.
Now the project is called Elizabeth.

So here she is:

Thanks for looking! )


вторник, 20 августа 2013 г.

Hello again!

We are glad to announce that our cats Esperanza and Prospero are available on our site Akabara-studio
Here they are:

Also Crown, Sword and Sabre are available in Accessories section.

Sometimes our cats do look not so official and even go for exploring walks.
Just like this one:

And we have a news:
Currently we're working on some wigs for Akabara Yellow Rose line.
We are planning them to look like this:

Hope you like our dolls )))

пятница, 10 мая 2013 г.


Hello, everyone!
It's great to be back again ^^
It was some year - hard and exhausting. But we worked and worked hard to be back.

And we are here with a bunch of news.

1rst: from now on our dolls are basic and can be easily bought on our site.

Please, visit  akabara-studio.com

Now only English version is available.
Russian version is under construction.

2nd: we are getting ready to present our new dolls Prospero and Esperanza the cats.

3d:  We're planning to launch a completely new line in summer.

PLEASE, WRITE TO akabara.studio@gmail.com

понедельник, 16 января 2012 г.

Pre-order period for Jessie the donkey

We open 1st pre-order period for Jessie the Donkey.
We accept orders from January 18 up to February 10.

For more photos visit  our FLICKR

Size information:

Prices and options:

Basic set - US $160 (+ shipping)
Basic set includes: assembled doll (we offer 4 skin tone types: black/white/grey/peach - you are free to choose any), 14 mm acrylic eyes (random color), mane (we offer 4 hair types: black/pink/blond/mohair blond - you are free to choose any), box with cushions 

Make-up - US $20 
for each skin tone type we only offer basic make-up you see in the pictures

Outfit -   US $25 for a set
we offer 4 outfit sets - you may choose any

  • pink loly (including dress and handbag)
  • biker (including pants, T-shirt and belt; to order biker jacket please add $15)
  • blue dancer (including dress and hair pin)
  • boy dancer (including pants, shirt and waistband) 
- During 1st pre-order period we offer 50 donkey-dolls, each doll will have it's individual number.
- Dolls and outfits colors can be slightly different depending on your monitor settings. 
- Dolls colors and outfits details can be slightly different due to entirely manual work.

 If you have any questions we'll be happy to answer them. Our e-mail: akabara.studio@gmail.com

We ship worldwide.
We ship via EMS or registered air-mail.
We accept payments via PayPal. Other payment methods are available, ask us )))

To order please e-mail to: akabara.studio@gmail.com 

суббота, 14 января 2012 г.

Jessie the Donkey

Here's Jessie.

Jessie is our first resin cast project available for order a bit lately.
The donkey has unisex body consisting of 23 separate pieces jointed with ball joints and magnets. It's cast in resin and strung together for tension using elastic, has changable eyes and hair (mane).

The doll is highly posable. 

The donkey will be available in 4 colors:
Black. White. Grey. Peach.

For more photos visit our FLICKR PAGE


Well, hello then ^^
This blog will be dedicated to the work of small artistic studio called AkaBara.
We make ball jointed dolls cast in high quality resin.
Here we'll show our projects, private and available for order.
We hope you'll like our creations ))