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Pre-order period for Jessie the donkey

We open 1st pre-order period for Jessie the Donkey.
We accept orders from January 18 up to February 10.

For more photos visit  our FLICKR

Size information:

Prices and options:

Basic set - US $160 (+ shipping)
Basic set includes: assembled doll (we offer 4 skin tone types: black/white/grey/peach - you are free to choose any), 14 mm acrylic eyes (random color), mane (we offer 4 hair types: black/pink/blond/mohair blond - you are free to choose any), box with cushions 

Make-up - US $20 
for each skin tone type we only offer basic make-up you see in the pictures

Outfit -   US $25 for a set
we offer 4 outfit sets - you may choose any

  • pink loly (including dress and handbag)
  • biker (including pants, T-shirt and belt; to order biker jacket please add $15)
  • blue dancer (including dress and hair pin)
  • boy dancer (including pants, shirt and waistband) 
- During 1st pre-order period we offer 50 donkey-dolls, each doll will have it's individual number.
- Dolls and outfits colors can be slightly different depending on your monitor settings. 
- Dolls colors and outfits details can be slightly different due to entirely manual work.

 If you have any questions we'll be happy to answer them. Our e-mail: akabara.studio@gmail.com

We ship worldwide.
We ship via EMS or registered air-mail.
We accept payments via PayPal. Other payment methods are available, ask us )))

To order please e-mail to: akabara.studio@gmail.com 

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